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Ascend: Mashable's "Best of E3 2019" Award Winner


"Ascend inspires some of the most visceral embodied sensations I've ever experienced in VR!" - Jess Joho (Mashable)

GameFront's Interview with Mark Yampolsky


James Heaney from GameFront interviews Mark Yampolsky at Ascend's IndieCade Showcase booth @ E3

Unranked Podcast's Interview with Audrey Cheng


Christian Humes, Alex Marinello, and Tom Caswell from Unranked Podcast interviews Audrey Cheng about the Lean Motion flight system and future plans for the game @ E3

"Hands-On: Ascend Has The Potential To Be The Next Hot VR Esports Title"


"Ascend reminded me of a lot of things – Tron’s Disc Wars, Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball, and even Iron Man – while still being totally unique, giving both hardcore and casual VR users a new experience." - Tatyana (UploadVR) 

USC Games' Interview with Mark Yampolsky @ the USC Games Expo 2019


Mark describes Ascend and its Lean Motion flight system at the USC Games Expo 2019